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Monitoring Platform


 MX Health utilizes state of the art technology, advanced telemetric equipment and custom designed assessments to provide effective, remote patient care. Patients transmit daily, objective physiologic readings through highly reliable, easy to use equipment. Our advanced alerts system notifies our clinical staff of any patients that transmit readings outside predefined values, prompting a call to the patient. Disease-specific clinical assessments allow our nurses to determine if the patient is suffering an exacerbation and manage the problem accordingly. This proactive approach reduces the number of emergent visits, as well as hospitalizations. MX Health’s telemonitoring program promotes active patient participation, disease awareness and self-care, as patients are able to observe the outright benefits of taking their medicine and following their recommended dietary guidelines. 

Wellness Support


 MX Health provides chronically ill patients and their physicians with the next level of disease management services, 24-hour care and clinical support. MX Health’s patient management approach is unique. MX Health utilizes a highly skilled multidisciplinary team in order to provide services that go beyond their acute episodes. Using proprietary Patient Medical Care (PMCare) software, remote vital sign-monitors, standing orders and treatment protocols that meet published best-practice guidelines we are able to provide comprehensive care that promotes wellness, improves clinical outcomes, reduces unnecessary healthcare costs and enhances quality of life for patients and their families. 

Mx Health's PMCare System


 MX Health’s Patient Medical Care (PMCare) System is a complete electronic medical records solution for patients with chronic conditions. PMCare is a web-based, data-collection tool designed to manage clinical data and assist users in the continuous care of patients. PMCare facilitates the tasks of scheduling and performing encounters and assessments, alerting nurses about physiological readings that fall outside normal parameters, reminding users of upcoming contacts and tasks, and presenting a simplified interface for managing all patient clinical data.  

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